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adlink retail cat5e utp cable  
Retail Siamese Cable
Dielectric Material : Foamed Poly ethylene (FPE) Shielding : Double Shielded ( 100% Bonded Al Foil + Al Braid) Outer Jacket : UV Resistant PVC...
HDMI to HDMI Coupler
OTG Cable
₱50.00 ₱99.00
₱50.00 ₱99.00
Pc-2hole Printer Power cord
2 hole power cord
Power Cord
₱80.00 ₱99.00
₱80.00 ₱99.00
Printer USB Extension Cable/ 3m
USB Extension Cable 3m
HDMi Cable 1.5m
Brand: Generic Model: n/a Length: 1.5m
Printer USB Cable 3M
Size: 3M
Printer USB Extension Cable/ 5m
USB Extension Cable 10m, 5m
HDMI to DVI Cable 1.5m
₱200.00 ₱250.00
₱200.00 ₱250.00
HDMI to VGA Adaptor
HDMI Input to VGA Adapter Converter For PC Laptop NoteBook HD DVD Product resolution can be up to 720P/ 1080i/ 1080P Compatible For PS4/Laptop/DisplayLCD/LED T.V...
HDMI Cable 3m
Brand: Generic Model: n/a Length: 3m
HDMI Cable 5m
Brand: Generic Model: n/a Length: 5m
HDMI Cable 10m
Brand: Generic Model: n/a Length: 10m
Intelligent HDMI Cable 20m
Brand: Intelligent Description: HDMI Cable Size: 20Meters Specifications:   - Interface Type: HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) - Material: Nylon - Cable Length: 15m Colour:...
Intelligent CAT5 UTP Cable 305m
✔️ Specification:
Intelligent CAT6 UTP Cable UC-CAT6
D-Link NCB-5EUBLUR-305-25 CAT5e 25AWG TP Cable
Category: 5e UTP Solid cable Conductor: 24 AWG Multi-cores (Solid) Conductor Meta: Bare Copper Insulation Material: High Density Polyethylene Overlap Rate: 25% Drain Wire: 24 AWG(0.500...
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