Logitech Mouse pad
✅Ordinary mouse pad
Intelligent TP-INJ Thermal Paste
Helps with Heat Dissipation from CPU to Heatsink High Stability and Reliability. Low Thermal resistance, High conductivity for heat transfer. Compliance with RoHS REACH PFOS...
Intelligent Trans-5 Colors RGB LED Fan 12cm
FH-H020 4-in-1 Cleaning Kit
Cleaning set Suitable for TV, notebook screen, CD, phone, camera lens include: air pump, brush, cleaning cloth, cleaning fluid
Optimax JT-A206 Cooler Pad
Foldable Cooling Pad
USB 2.0 Sound Audio Controller
₱190.00 ₱450.00
₱190.00 ₱450.00
Features: Drive 2CH speakers directly Support 3D positional sound Support virtual 5.1CH sound track Direct digital audio output to stereo headphones, audio speakers and microphone...
A4Tech FK13M Numeric Keypad Micro to USB-A A4Tech FK13M Numeric Keypad Micro to USB-A
₱299.00 ₱349.00
Keyboard FK13 Keycaps Slim Hotkeys No Character Laser Engraving Splash Proof Yes Adjustable Keyboard Legs No Rating 5 V / 100 mA Dimension 139 ×...
A4Tech MI-10 Desktop Microphone A4Tech MI-10 Desktop Microphone
₱380.00 ₱450.00
₱380.00 ₱450.00
The A4Tech microphone is ideal for on-line gaming, Messenger, Skype and other applications. It features an ON-OFF / mute switch, ensuring exceptionally clear speech quality....
Intelligent GL-USB 3.0 LAN Adapter
Specification: *Switch 10Mbps or 100Mbps netwrok automatically *Half/Full duplex 10/100Mbps operation *Support full duplex flow control(IEEE 802.3x) *Support all USB standard commands *Support suspend/resume detection...
A4tech HUB-20 (2.0) USB Hub A4tech HUB-20 (2.0) USB Hub
₱490.00 ₱699.00
₱490.00 ₱699.00
The A4Tech HUB-20 USB splitter will help you connect more removable devices to your computer: keyboard, mouse, speakers. To do this, the compact, round case...
2.5" 3.0 HDD Enclosure 2.5" 3.0 HDD Enclosure
₱495.00 ₱599.00
₱495.00 ₱599.00
Jhomel HDD-CS 2.5 ENCLOSURE USB 3.0 Orico  
A4tech HUB-30 (3.0) 4Port Hub A4tech HUB-30 (3.0) 4Port Hub
₱650.00 ₱799.00
₱650.00 ₱799.00
Model HUB-30 Transfer Rate 5120 Mbps Interface USB 3.0 x 4 Cable Length 100 cm System Requirements Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10...
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Packaging Included: 1pc. cleaning brush 1pc. 100ml antistatic cleaning spray 1pc. 20cm X 20cm dry microfiber wipes 1pc. 15cm X 15cm contact lens cleaner wipes...
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✅Soft, Comfortable, Non-slip rubber base  ✅Slick, taut weave for speedy mouse movements  ✅Pixel-precise targeting and tracking ✅Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors ✅Highly portable...
Keningston Smartfit Mouse pad
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Music Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver Adapter
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Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 3.5mm A2DP RCA Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adapter For Music
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Lelux Wireless 821 Intercom
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Brand: Lelux Model: 821
Nexus Wifi Caddy
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Compatibility: Tap: NFC Enabled Android smart phone iPhone 6 or later running iOS13 Scan: Any Smart Phone Configuring* NFC Enabled Android smart phone iPhone 6...
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