Promo Title: 20% off on our services like/follow/review our social media accounts!


Type of Promo: Discount

Promo Mechanics

  1. Promo Period and Promo offer
    1. Valid until December 31, 2020
    2. This promo applies only to qualifying services offered.
    3. Discount coupon are non transferrable and not convertible to cash. The promo cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promo of PC4Me.
  2. Who are qualified to join
    1. Must have a Facebook and Google account
  • How to avail
    1. Like, follow us on our Facebook Page
    2. Rate us on Google
    3. Present the screenshots review/like/follow to sales representative
    4. Issue discount coupon
    5. Present Discount coupon to avail 20% on stamp, repair, embroidery or lay outing.
  1. Purchase amount required
    1. N/A
  2. How many times can you use the coupon?
    1. Coupon is good for one-time use only.
    2. Coupon is to one service offer only.
      1. Choose one on the ff.
        1. Repair
        2. Embroidery
        3. Stamps
        4. Lay Outing
      2. Terms and Conditions
        1. Your Facebook and Google accounts to use must be a personal account for our security concerns.
        2. Limit one coupon per family.
        3. PC4Me will not be responsible for any lost or stolen discount coupon.
  • Products Covered:
    1. Embroidery
    2. Stamps
    3. Lay outing
    4. Repair service