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         Founded in 2000 and located at the heart of the City of San Fernando, La Union, PC4Me  One Stop Computer Shop provides quality and affordable retail of computer parts, peripherals and related services through out the Northern Luzon serving both the domestic and corporate clientele sectors. PC4Me One Stop Computer Shop brings a trust-worthy, reputed and fresh customer friendly and innovative approach to the computer selling industry, acting as a wholesale dealer and retailer depending on the customer’s needs.
          Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing customer-staff relationship and improving operation and efficiency. Competent management, exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled and the heartiest customer service makes PC4Me One Stop Computer Shop the ideal choice for a computer parts and services store for domestic and corporate needs. The years in our history of service has gained us a proven track record for effectively executing multiple and substantial transactions.







Computer Retail

 PC4Me One-Stop Computer Corp., where your hard earned money is best spent for your computer and gadget needs.

Computer Repair

 The most competent technicians for your computer problems is at PC4Me.


Biometric Security

Upgrade your industry with the Biometric Security at PC4Me, where your livelihood is our business.


CCTV Installation

 Protect your home and business. Deter crimes with the most modern yet reasonably priced CCTVs available at PC4Me.



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